About Us

Mission and History

Through professional-level choral education and performance, Pittsburgh Youth Chorus strives to provide opportunities for a diverse group of children to realize their innate artistic potential and share experiences that enrich their lives while benefiting their families and communities. 

From its earliest years to the present, Pittsburgh Youth Chorus has been and continues to be a highly-regarded source of performance-ready talent to many professional organizations, including the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Opera, and the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh. Over the years, nearly 3000 young singers have participated in our progressive program of choral education, mastering challenging choral repertoire in a variety of genres and languages and receiving a solid education in music theory and vocal production.

We are deeply indebted to all those who worked tirelessly to enable Pittsburgh Youth Chorus to reach its present level of renown, particularly our founding director Jeanette Tagg and Christine Jordanoff who,  serving as Artistic Director from 1986-2014,  developed and guided our 3-tiered choral program to its present level of national renown.



Our esteemed history began in 1983 when the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra needed a children’s chorus to join in a festival performance of Mahler’s Third Symphony. Although the chorus would never again be associated with another festival, the chorus, then under the direction of Jeanette Tagg, became known as the Children’s Festival Chorus.

Choral Programs

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