Providing an outstanding choral education program since 1983, Pittsburgh Youth Chorus (formerly Children's Festival Chorus) is the region's premier choral organization for young voices.  More than 200 diverse young singers throughout the Pittsburgh region come together each week to share their love of music and singing, and through our expert care and guidance, we help them find their voice!

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PYC welcomes new singers into its core choral program by auditions that are held in the spring and summer for admission in the fall, and again in December for admission in January.  Our comprehensive audition process requires no advance preparation!  It's a fun group experience that helps us discover each child's musical strengths so that we can place them in the appropriate level choir.

Choral Programs

Neighborhood Training Choir

Neighborhood Training Choir

Our non-auditioned Neighborhood Training Choirs are the first stepping-stone to PYC’s choral education program.

Troubadours Choir


As the entry level choir in our three-tier core program, Troubadours is for auditioned elementary school children from grade 3 and above.

Talisman Choir


The Talisman Choir is the intermediate level chorus  with members usually in grade 5 or above.

Bel Canto Choir

Bel Canto

The Bel Canto Singers are the most advanced choristers in PYC. Members range from grade 6 and above and achieve this level only by progressing through the Troubadours and Talisman choirs.

Boy's Ensemble

Boy’s Ensemble

The PYC Boy Choir Ensemble gives boys who are currently enrolled in either Talisman or Bel Canto Singers a unique opportunity to experience music specifically composed for this genre.

Pittsburgh Youth Choir at Grove City College

Grove City College Satellite

Our new satellite choir at Grove City College –  PYC@GCC – is open by audition to girls and boys with unchanged voices beginning at age 8.


The teachers and students are all supportive of each other, like a big family. There’s always someone there who can help you out with anything you’re struggling with.

Anonymous Student

It’s much extremely satisfying knowing that you have been taught the theory and solfeggio skills needed to learn any piece given to you, no matter the difficulty.

Amber Rigot

PYC provided the best musical experience for me. I was able to do so many amazing things and created great memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Bethany Hodes

  • All children should have access to quality music education.
  • Tuition and fees cover just 55% of the costs of each student's participation.
  • Gifts to PYC support tuition assistance and scholarships, funding for travel, music purchases and so much more!

30th Anniversary Gala Tribute

The vocal range of our students and our capacity to perform in multiple languages makes PYC a popular choice for weddings, birthdays, confirmations, bar and bat mitzvahs as well as other special occasions and events.